Coronation Sussex


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The Coronation Sussex has a very stunning, even regal, appearance with a white body and blue/grey tail and wing tips. Their neck is white, striped with blue/grey. The feathers around the neck are called hackle feathers and each one is a soft pigeon blue/grey colour finely edged with white.


The Coronation Sussex is essentially the same as the light, but the black markings are replaced by the pigeon grey/blue colour. This grey/blue colour is described as ‘lavender’ by poultry breeders and is caused by a gene that dilutes the black colour. The breed was developed for the Coronation of Edward VIII – an event which never took place.


The Sussex is a greatly productive bird; bred in NZ to be an excellent utility dual purpose bird, laying good size eggs that are tinted cream to a lovely brown colouration. The Coronation Sussex only existed in small numbers and by the end of the second World War, no more Coronation Sussex could be found in its home country

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1-7 Days Old, 2-5 Weeks Old, 4-6 Months Old, 6-12 Weeks Old, Adults


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