Cream Legbars Blue Egger




Legbars are a lightweight British breed created in the 1930s by mating blue egg-laying birds from South America (similar to the Araucana) with Golden Penciled Hamburgs, and Buff, Brown, and White Leghorns. The goal of the geneticists was to develop a blue egg-laying chicken that was auto-sexing. Auto-sexing means that generation after generation the chicks can be sexed at one-day of age by the color of their down. After about 15-years of work, the Legbar finally came into existence and was first exhibited at the London Dairy Show in 1947. The plumage is a mix of cream shades overlaid with faint black barring and features a small crest on the top of the head.

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1-7 Days Old, 2-5 Weeks Old, 4-6 Months Old, 6-12 Weeks Old, Adults


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