Delaware Heritage Broiler


TGIA Hatchery has a 6 Broilers order minimum per order. A small order fee of $35 will apply on orders of 6-24 broilers. Any of our broilers can be combined to meet this minimum.

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From: 1/3/24 to until end year or SOLD OUT.

TGIA Hatchery has a 6 broiler minimum. Any of our broilers can be combined to meet this minimum.

Bulk Discount

Quantity: Discount:% Price:
1 - 25 Birds $4.99
26 - 49 Birds 2 % $4.89
50 - 99 Birds 4.01 % $4.79
100+ Birds 6.01 % $4.69


Delaware Heritage Broiler

The Delaware Enhanced Heritage Broiler — a hatchery exclusive — this is an updated and meatier version of the classic dual-purpose breed.  taking a family favorite and making it and even better meat bird.

Heritage breeds taste better and live naturally long lives, and these birds are no exception. Our Delaware Broiler will provide more meat than comparable Heritage birds, but retain the great characteristics that make this bird a traditional barnyard favorite.


Raise these hens as layers, and process them when older. These birds are considered a slow growth broiler.


High altitude tolerant.

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1-50, 51-98, 99-200


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