$10 Dollar Per Chick Deals All Females

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Chicks are females 1 to 4 weeks old

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$10 per chick Deals extended. Chicks Just $10 dollars each! This is an assortment of color egg layers that could include any of the breeds that TGIA Hatchery hatches. Chicks are 1 week to 4 weeks old. These birds that may or are all females. You could receive anything from Blue Olive Egger, Cream Legbars, Rhode Island Blues to our American Bresse. This is a hatchery choice assortment; you will receive more than one breed when ordering this color assortment of chicks. TGIA Hatchery is unable to identify the breeds in this assortment as they are not recorded or marked. Due to the variety in this assortment please view individual breeds for their product specifications.

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