Blue Olive Eggers


Olive Eggers lay olive colored eggs.


Blue Olive Eggers are both easy on the eyes and are sure to be a great addition to your “eggscape” in your egg carton with their beautiful olive eggs! This hybrid is a wonderful egg layer beginning to lay between 5-7 months of age and producing an abundance of large olive eggs per year. Active but docile, this hardy breed bears confinement well and you can’t resist that tuft on their heads! These birds can adapt well to different climates, especially warmer ones. Being a “blue” breed, you could get blue, splash or black plumage with your Blue Olive Egger. (We are still working on this line so, There is a 5% chance of getting brown eggs with these 💙 feathered babies)


Bird Purpose: Dual Purpose, Meat, Eggs

Egg Production Rate: Females ONLY; Approximately 240 Eggs/Year

Egg Color: Olive

Egg Size: Large

Bird Characteristics: Active, Docile breed, Hardy in all climates, Bears confinement well

Mature Weight: Male 7 lb. Female 6 lb.

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1-7 Days Old, 2-5 Weeks Old, 4-6 Months Old, 6-12 Weeks Old, Adults


Female, Male


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