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White Holland Heritage Turkey

The White Holland Turkey is a very old breed of turkey, first recognized by the APA in 1874. While its connection to Holland and the Netherlands is unsubstantiated, it most likely originated from crosses of white European turkeys imported to North America and crossed with the native birds. The White Holland breed was crossed with the Broad Breasted Bronze in the 1950s for the creation of the Broad Breasted White, which is the most common turkey breed throughout the world today. The White Holland is often confused for the Broad Breasted White, but the White Holland is smaller.

White Holland’s have a showy appearance with their snow-white feathers and red/blue-ish head. The beak is pink to white in color, the beard is black, and wattles are pinkish-white. The standard for Holland Whites is to have brown eyes.

Heritage breed turkeys do have a longer grow out period than your Broad Breasted varieties and are typically processed at 24 to 28 weeks.

Average market weight: Toms 25 lbs, Hens 18 lbs. Old Toms 36 lbs, Old Hens 20 lbs.

More Details
Months Available: March thru August
Purpose: Meat
Process Age (in weeks): 24+ (full mature weight at 9 months)
Dressed weight: 75% of live
Young Weight Female: 18 pounds
Young Weight Male: 25 pounds
Adult Weight Female: 20 pounds
Adult Weight Male: 36 pounds
Skin Color: White
Plumage: White
Egg Size: Large
Egg Color: Pale cream to medium brown with spotting
Rate of Lay: 20-25 naturally / 40-50 if pulled
Personality: Typically Calm
LC Status: Threatened
Origin: United States
Hardiness: Heavier birds can be prone to heat stress
Chick Color: Yellow
Adult Color: White

PLEASE NOTE: We do not ship live Birds.

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1-7 Days Old, 2-5 Weeks Old, 4-6 Months Old, 6-12 Weeks Old, Adults


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