French Guineas


TGIA Hatchery has a 2 Keets (baby Guineas) order minimum per order. A small order fee of $45 will apply on orders of 2-11 Keets.

Hatch Dates:

Every week until 5/1/24 or SOLD OUT

TGIA Hatchery has a 12 keets / baby guineas minimum.

Bulk Discount

Quantity: Discount:% Price:
1 - 25 Birds $10.00
26 - 49 Birds 1.5 % $9.85
50 - 99 Birds 2.5 % $9.75
100+ Birds 3.5 % $9.65


French Guineas

Guineas are fun, easy and inexpensive to raise. Once started, they are excellent foragers, living on insects, seeds and vegetation. They are super farmyard watchdogs, sounding an alarm anytime anything unusual occurs. They are purplish gray with small white spots. This variety is about two pounds heavier than Pearl Guineas.

Raising guinea fowl can be a satisfying and profitable business. The French Guinea hens for sale by our hatcheries grow twice as fast as other guinea fowl varieties. They are used primarily for meat, which is in high demand, thanks to its lean, tender, dark quality. When you’re looking for high-quality guinea hens for sale, look no further than our family of hatchery.

Keets are Sold as a straight run only (unsexed)

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Female, Male, Unsexed


1-7 Days Old, 2-5 Weeks Old, 4-6 Months Old, 6-12 Weeks Old, Adults


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