Feather Legs Bantams


Feather legs bantams this is an assortment of Bantams with feather legs that are unsexed.

TGIA Hatchery has a 6 Bantam order minimum per order. A small order fee of $35 will apply on orders of less than 6 bantams. Any of our bantams can be combined to meet this minimum.

Hatching Weekly

From: 1/3/24 to until end year or SOLD OUT.

TGIA Hatchery has a 6 bantam minimum. Any of our broilers can be combined to meet this minimum.

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Assorted Feather Legs are a selection of bantams that have feathers on their legs and feet and have not been sold as specific bantam breeds and have not been used in other assortments. A nice variety of bantams will be included in this assortment..


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